Session Speakers

Sheila Diduck

Demonstrating a lifelong commitment to education, Sheila obtained her MBA in 2003 and is currently working on her Doctorate in Business Administration. She has been working with the Government of Alberta for the past 15 years in many roles, including business consultant, business analyst and project manager. Sheila has a passion for data and its role in business decision making. Managers are faced with overwhelming business advice from the popular press advocating pernicious heuristics for business decision making. Managers are in the business of working with people, and that means managers face considerable decision-making complexity. There are no simple answers, contrary to readily available business advice. However, using data to support business judgement by introducing evidence and logic can be transformative. Sheila believes business performance improves with evidence and scientific methods, and she evaluates the improvement through the lens of organizational learning. Sheila is conducting doctoral research to explore, through empirical study, how an organization learns to introduce low-complex data analytics to manage business risk.

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