Session Speakers

Roger Grove

Roger has spent the past 13 years working for the Government of Alberta in Director and Executive Director roles. He is currently the Executive Director of Motor Vehicles and Registries Administration, and a Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles for the Province of Alberta. He oversees a branch of more than sixty individuals with responsibility for the motor vehicles registry as well as the service delivery of all government services to Albertans through their privatized network of over 220 registry agents. The privatized registries complete over 10 million services every year and contribute a half-billion dollars in government revenue. 

A motor vehicle registry is transaction and data intensive. Volumes stem not only from renewal activity but also the movement of people and their life changing events. Maintaining a registry is complex because people’s lives are complex. In an environment of government outsourcing when many services are delivered by service provider partners, the challenges of managing a registry are exacerbated. Service must be delivered to meet public expectations, policy developed and maintained in a time of intense technological advance, and information must be kept secure while under pressures from Albertans, and internal and external stakeholders. Government accountability is undiminished under these conditions, and Roger is pursuing a strategy of introducing data analytics to meet the challenges, and is measuring the progress through empirical study.

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