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Marguerite LeBlanc

Marguerite LeBlanc is an experienced speaker who dynamically engages her audience with stories, activities and dialogue. Marguerite is also a business owner, project manager, change leader who is successful because she is accountable to herself, to others and targeted results. To her, being accountable reflects her value of integrity. Marguerite supports others to be accountable too so that they can co-create strong relationships and generate together the needed results. Marguerite’s research focuses on high performance leadership where accountability is a key factor.

Marguerite has led large-scale transformation projects in construction, education, government, finance, IT and consulting up to a value of $70 million. Marguerite supports leaders like you to consistently be the leader you want to be by integrating your beliefs and desires to the work of leading people and driving project and business results. She works with leaders to model accountability and to lead in such a way that your people integrate accountability to their own behaviour, plans and results. Her approach supports executive leaders to lead through change, to evolve as leaders and to develop their people through relationships, clarity and accountability. Her clients refer to her as a unique combination of coach, organization development expert, change leader and project manager. They appreciate that she communicates in a language they understand in order to build relationships in context and get the right work done well. She brings to her clients her experience as a senior leader, management consultant and executive coach (PCC) with more than 1,800 coaching hours. Marguerite is bilingual (English and French) and can support her clients in either language. Marguerite holds the MA Leadership, PCC, PMP and CMA/CPA credentials. Marguerite and her husband have three young adult children. They love to travel, spend time in the mountains and camp.

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