Session Speakers

Joel Robinson

Joel has been a Project Manager for the last 8 years in a telecom company, delivering ICT, and communication solutions to enterprise clients. He has been PMP certified from May 2012, and aiming to achieve PgMP certification in early 2019. Working as a Project Manager in the service delivery industry has given him the opportunity to deal with clients from diverse industrial
backgrounds, with unique needs and expectations. Listening to clients, knowing their needs, bringing out their hidden expectations are his specialty.

In September 2011, he was given the opportunity to work as a Project Manager. Elated, he took the offer as he had checked all the boxes the employer needed, except for the PMP certification. Confident that he could get the certification (he had applied for the certification simultaneously while this job offer was open), he had assured his prospective employer that he could take the certification in a 3-6 months time frame. Gladly took the job, and got the certification in May 2012.

Strangely enough, the project management job was not as he expected! Frustrated clients, haggling for resources, balancing sponsors’ and stakeholders’ expectations realistically, and above all, escalations! In all that, there were expectations to deliver solutions to clients as per their expectations, ensureing top management is better informed and projects to be delivered without major changes in scope, time and cost.

The principles and concepts he has learned down the line working as a Project Manager have in turn made him a better Project Manager. The company also gained confidence in him, and in no time he was managing programs.

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