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Mave Dhariwal

Mave gained 15 years of project engineering and manufacturing experience in the UK and Canada before joining NAIT.

At NAIT he has worked as an Instructor & Chair in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program; as Quality Coordinator, in the President’s Office; as Program Design Specialist in the Dean’s Office; and as a Program Consultant in Ecuador, China and Cuba on behalf of NAIT and the Canadian Government.

He also regularly facilitates workshops for business and industry in productivity improvement, facilitative leadership, project leadership, project management, quality management, etc.

  • Approx. 550 managers and staff from over 90-100 organizations return to NAIT every month throughout the year.

He was the co-founder and Chair of the Quality Council of Alberta (QCA), NAIT’s Quality Council, and the National Quality Network (NQN) that led to the creation of the Canadian National Quality Institute (NQI), now known as Excellence Canada.

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