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Darby Allen

In emergency situations, you need a calm, cool, and collected man with a plan-someone like Darby Allen. After decades of fighting fires, first in his native England before immigrating to Canada, he’s climbed the ranks to become the Regional Fire Chief at Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

As the Chief, he recently earned international attention and praise for his handling of the Fort McMurray wildfire, where he spearheaded the evacuation of residents to safety, working tirelessly with first responders and volunteers who came from across the nation to assist. And as people around the world watched the wildfire’s development, Darby’s updates were not only a means of information, but a source of optimism.

In his talks, Darby draws from his career to share guidelines for effective emergency response planning and management, as well as tips on how to remain a calm, stoic, and quick-thinking leader in urgent situations. We all encounter crises: if you want to learn to handle them with aplomb, you need to hear from Darby.

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