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Daniel Haight

Daniel Haight is an award-winning sessional lecturer at the University of Alberta and the President and co-founder of Darkhorse Analytics. He is a Certified Analytics Professional and has spoken at numerous conferences across North America. These include the keynote at the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar, workshop sessions at the national Chain of Survival EMS conference, the Analytics, Big Data, and the Cloud conference, and the Western Canada Cyber Summit in Banff.

His work has spanned healthcare, energy, professional sports, and transportation. He started his career at Mercer Management Consulting in Toronto advising senior management and jet-setting around the continent. Subsequently, he nearly made millions of dollars in a small Internet start-up. Instead, he enjoyed the magnificent failure of the dotcom bust.

Along the way, he started a used car dealership, purchased a second-hand trampoline for fifteen dollars, recorded a rock video, and fathered three children. His current work focuses on predictive analytics and data visualization. His goal is to help managers make better decisions by combining their experience with the power of analytics.

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