Session Speakers

Blaine Zuk

Blaine Zuk is a Project Manager in Health Informatics that began his career
as a biomedical specialist and diagnostic equipment technician which
includes complex equipment installation projects and working with diverse
project teams comprising healthcare professionals, IT specialists and
construction workers.

In his personal life Blaine grew up farming and raised a blended family while
living on a small ranch for the past 20 years. During his time of living with
various livestock and the animals that roam through, Blaine realized the
language of the animals and techniques used to motivate them, could also
be used in the workplace. As an accomplished speaker Blaine delivers
useful information on team building and individual communication style in
an entertaining and enlightening manner full of analogies and interesting
stories. He is a certified Project Management Professional and holds a
Master’s in Business Administration. He is also an award winning
Toastmaster, energetic presenter and always skillful animal wrangler.

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